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3M™ Betapure™ AU Series Filter Cartridge, AU09Z11NG120, 9.75 in, 12 µ, 30/Case

  • 3M ID XA004820859
  • UPC 4046719581924

Rigid structure provides consistent and reproducible contaminant reduction

Excellent reduction of deformable contaminants for consistent effluent quality

Gasket design reduces by-pass from poor to damaged seals

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Tech Data Sheet (PDF, 984KB)
Diametru total (metric) 6,35 cm
Lungime generală (metric) 24,765 cm
Material garnitură Polietilenă
Temperatura maximă de operare (Celsius) 80 ℃
Clasificare în microni 15 μm


Elemente importante
  • Rigid structure provides consistent and reproducible contaminant reduction
  • Excellent reduction of deformable contaminants for consistent effluent quality
  • Gasket design reduces by-pass from poor to damaged seals
  • Rigid structure reduces cartridge by-pass and unloading for consistent filtration throughout product lifecycle
  • Low pressure drop provides long service life while using smaller filter housings

3M™ Betapure™ AU Series Filter Cartridge is our rigid structure, which delivers superior on-stream service life for a wide-range of applications. It comes in various grades with absolute reduction ratings. The controlled pore size of the filter matrix provides absolute distinction between cartridge grades for accurate and consistent filtration.

Use 3M™ Betapure™ AU Series Filter Cartridge for precise contaminant reduction, consistent effluent quality and superior on-stream service life for a wide-range of applications.

Our wide range of media grades allows you to precisely tailor performance characteristics and achieve optimal filtration economy by enabling defined reduction cut-off points by particle size. We manufacture Betapure AU Series Filter Cartridges using state-of-the-art technology to produce a clean, rigid, filter structure that generates reproducible effluent consistency. The filter matrix is constructed using long bi-component fibres, each fibre having an inner core and an outer sheath. Betapure AU series filters are available in two bi-component fibre structures, polypropylene/polyethylene or polyester/co-polyester, to provide a range of compatibility for your particular process. 3M Betapure AU Series Z11 and Z13 filter is available with a polypropylene media insert and glass paper insert respectively.

In manufacturing, 3M Betapure AU Series Filter combines stringent material quality assurance standards, exacting in-process controls along with extensive final product testing and verification. The results are products that provide consistent filtration from lot-to-lot, filter-to-filter. The bi-component fibres of the filter matrix are thermally bonded by exploiting the difference in melt temperatures of the two fibre components. Heating the matrix to the melt temperature of the polyethylene sheath, but below that of the polypropylene core causes the fibre-to-fibre bond at every contact point. And the high degree of fibre-to-fibre bonding provides a rigid structure that eliminates the need for a core support along with any possibility of media migration.


  • Coatings – high quality paint, film coatings, resins, and ink.
  • General industrial – desalination, plating, machine tool coolant, process water.
  • Electronics – pre-RO, wafer slurries, ceramic slurries, chemical mechanical polishing, disc cleaning.
  • Chemical/petro-chemical – process water, pre-RO, amine, fine chemicals.

The rigid construction advantage
To meet demanding filtration quality standards in today’s market, absolute ratings will provide you with product consistency, and improve yields.

The rigid filter structure retains consistent pore size even under severe process conditions. Changes caused by pump fluctuations, stopping and restarting the system, or high differential pressure will have minimal, if any effect on product consistency. Depth filtration reduces deformable contaminants to help eliminate rework or product quality rejection.

Critical to any filtration process is the reduction of filter by-pass. We effectively address this issue by design with our closed-cell polyethylene foam gasket to properly seal the cartridge for applications using knife-edge housing systems.

Minimising flow restriction can dramatically reduce filtration cost. Lower pressure drops mean increased filter life, product throughput, and permit the use of fewer filters to achieve a given flow vs. differential pressure. When filters are appropriately sized for a specific application they reduce total filtration costs including purchase, installation, and disposal.



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