3M™ PRESS-ON™ Prism, 90-11500, 15.00 Diopter

  • 3M ID 7100213345



Easy to use

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Elemente importante
  • Prism
  • Transparent
  • Easy to use

3M™ PRESS ON™ lens are films or foils intended to be applied to the inside of patient's eyewear. Prisms provide various levels of refraction based on patient need.

For over 40 years, 3M™ PRESS ON™ lenses have been used for temporary vision correction therapies. For conditions from strabismus to distance correcting of your patient's favorite sporting goggles or sunglasses, PRESS ON™ lenses provide a simple inexpensive way to immediately correct visual disorders. At approximately 1mm thick, the lenses add no noticeable weight or thickness to the eyewear. The lenses are easy to apply, right in your office.

Aplicații sugerate
  • For temporary vision correction on eye glasses, safety glasses, or goggles
  • Apply to face sheild for temporary use


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